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Attached are three links that will help you understand our San Carlos Apache brothers and sisters a bit better.  Life is hard on the Reservation.  Although no VISA is required, you will be visiting a cross-cultural situation.  Respect the fact that world-views differ; and differing world-views are a blessing.

The life expectancy is 45-50 years; the median age is 24 years.  More than 50% of the Tribe is under that age of 18.  There are approx. 14,000 Tribal members. More funds are provided for prisoners incarcerated within Arizona’s jails than funds available to care for San Carlos Tribal Members’ health care.  Hearing the news of cancer RARELY occurs before Stage Four.

Infant mortality is 2.5 times the national average.

Teen suicide rate is 7 times the national average.  One child in eight knows someone who has committed suicide.

Satan’s presence is tangible.  Gang activity, alcoholism, marijuana, meth and cocaine use are at epidemic proportions.

Families wait up to 15 YEARS for a home of their own; the current need exceeds 1,400 homes.  A 1,200 square-foot home holds 20+ people in many cases.

Unemployment exceeds 75%.  This figure is not because they don’t want to work.  There simply are not enough jobs.  The Federal Government still “holds title” to this land, held in “Federal Trust.”  Who would invest in a building where people could work, when the land it sits on is held by the Federal Government?  At the height of America’s Great Depression, unemployment was at nearly 25%.

There are many, many prayer requests tucked within the information above.  Please pray.

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