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Full-time Service

2018 Application for Employment

2018 New Staff brochure

Thinking of joining the team of Arizona Reservation Ministries?

  • We are MOST concerned that each team member exemplifies strong Christian attributes (i.e. the fruit of the Spirit)
  • Your spiritual life must be healthy-maintaining regular attendance with a Bible-based church, and daily personal quiet times.  You WILL be entering a cross-cultural setting where the evil one is incredibly active.
  • Marriages must be healthy.
  • All family members must be in agreement to join us.
  • An application for employment must be submitted prior to the visit mentioned below.
  • You would need to coordinate a visit with our ministry, both to see how each area works, and to allow the ARM team the opportunity to meet you.  An initial interview with the Executive Director would occur during this visit.  At this visit, you would gain information in order to create a budget for yourself/family.
  • Submit a budget for your living expenses (ARM provides ½ health insurance premiums 3 months after date of hire and ½ your Social Security taxes.)
  • Once home, the ARM team will provide feedback regarding your compatibility.
  • You must raise 75% of your pre-approved budgeted need prior to arrival.  ARM will be happy to assist with brochures regarding this ministry and advice on support-raising.
  • This ministry understands that the best ones to reach Native Americans for Jesus Christ are other Natives.  For that reason, the above-mentioned policies would be considered individually as the Lord called Natives to join the ARM Team.

Home base for ministry on the San Carlos Apache Reservation is located in the mining town of Globe, Arizona, with limited resources. The closest mall is currently one hour west of us. The Phoenix airport is 1 1/2 hours west of Globe. Temperatures are typically 10 degrees cooler than those in Phoenix.  The need for additional Team Members is tremendous!  Please pray for the Lord to send faithful followers of Christ to work in unity with our existing Team as:

  • a Mechanic
  • An IT servant, maintaining our web site and other in-house computer needs; sending letters to recipients and basic accounting tasks.
  • Youth Ministers
  • Children’s Ministry workers/Church Bus Drivers


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