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The San Carlos Apache Reservation is the third-largest  Reservation within the State of Arizona.

Although this Reservation encompases nearly two million acres,
the freedom of this Nation to do what they please here has never been granted! 
FIVE TIMES, their Reservation has been taken away due to minerals discovered, etc. 
 In 1938, Coolidge Dam was built, flooding the original community of San Carlos and their burial ground. 
Bodies were buried shallow enough that construction workers simply “disposed” of them in one large trench. 
The agreement made was that this Tribe would have free electricity. 
That has never happened. 
 In fact, this electric provider (BIA/Bureau of Land Management) continues to oppress this Nation in many ways. 
Because they don’t have authority over their land,
corporations will never invest in a place to offer employment. 
Unemployment on this Reservation exceeds 75%. 
They can never truly own their own home on the Reservation.
Please pray for our Federal Government to begin to understand just how impossible this situation is. 
Please pray for the Lord to do the “impossible” and guide
as only He can,
so that the oppression so tangible here can come to an end.

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