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The ARM Team

2020 New Staff brochure

The needs for “harvesters” are many within this ministry!  We are praying diligently for the Lord to send workers;  people whose hearts faithfully seek to serve Him as HE leads.  Tasks we need others to join in completing include:

Youth ministry, children’s ministry, bus driving, completing homes for the homeless-both with visiting Short Term Ministry Teams and alone, book keeping, computer/desk top publishing and web support.

Our greatest need is for a faith-filled individual with a Commercial Driver’s License to serve on our Church Bus Team. Please pray for the Lord to provide these team members soon.

2020 Application for Employment

The Carlyle Family

We were honored to celebrate the provision of our 35th home in November of 2019!  Prospero and Roxie had been helping build their own home since its beginnings.  As a home is built through this ministry, scripture is written on the wall frames, the trusses and more.  Pros and Roxie were the first to crawl beneath their framed home and write scripture on the piers that would support it.  Their lives dramatically changed, as did those of their five children, as this structure was created.  As encouraging and challenging words were shared by ARM’s team and this family’s pastor, their hearts were stirred to serve Christ.  Remembering the scriptures now hidden beneath floor tiles and drywall, Pros and Roxie shared that when their son is told they are headed home, now exclaims, “It’s not our house, it’s Jesus’ house!”

Pros worked alongside our team on several construction tasks as 2019 drew to a close.  His ARMs were a big help!  He and Roxie “tag team” in caring for their sweet family.  They discussed the possibility of joining the ARM team full-time.  After meeting with ARM’s Directors, they decided to apply to be part of the ARM “family” full-time on January 6th, 2020.   As many are aware, the support for Pros, Roxie and their children, Audreanna (2008), Prospero, Jr. (2012), Odalys (2014), Brandy (2015) and Angel (2017), (as well as for Vincent, Vermaleen and their daughter, and Mike) must come from ARM’s General Fund.  Raising support independently from their community of San Carlos, where unemployment continues to stand at over 75%,  would be impossible.  If interested in supporting the Carlyle family, simply make your donations to ARM, in care of them.

Pros is a big help with our Construction Team.  Roxie is working to obtain her Commercial Driver’s License, so that she can both drive the Church Bus, and teach the children within it.  This family is also called to benevolence tasks across the Reservation.  Their ARMs already impact many through Christ.

Mike Hinton

Mike has been a friend of ARM for many years!  As 2019 began, his willingness to help in a variety of ways within this ministry prompted us to invite him to apply for a position on the ARM team.  Mike serves primarily on our numerous construction projects.  It has become clear that he is a hard-working servant, and a blessing to this ministry.  Whether working on our latest home or church building project, helping keep ARM’s own properties in order, designing artwork (we’ve discovered he’s a gifted artist!) or helping with our Family Fun Days and more, Mike is a great blessing to this ministry.  His support comes solely by ARM’s General Fund.  Please pray about becoming a partner specifically with Mike, and helping him provide his ARMs within this ministry!

Dale and Diana Lawrence

In August of 1991, the Lawrence’s moved their family of six to the mission field with (Jacque, 1981; Jon, 1983; Justin, 1989 and Jenna 1990). God has been holding and leading them for over 28 years as missionaries!  When the Lord provided a church building in Globe AZ, just off of the San Carlos Apache Reservation for just $1.00 (see the rest of our history elsewhere on this web site), Arizona Reservation Ministries was born.  Dale and Diana were blessed to be its founders.  Dale continues to serve as ARM’s Executive Director, overseeing the general operations and financial accountability of this ministry.  His heart is burdened for the Pastors of the San Carlos Apache Nation and prays for opportunities to encourage them as God leads. Diana serves as ARM’s Development Director.  She also enjoys leading a weekly Bible Study at the Tribe’s Assisted Living facility and mentoring the younger women on the ARM Team.  Dale and Diana’s income has continued to be faith-based since 1991, revealing many miracles and provision from their Father.

Lawrence Family Update, August 2019

Lawrence Family Update March, 2019

lawrence family update January 2019

Click here for a biography of Dale & Diana
Click here for the Lawrence’s Brochure

The Jon Lawrence Family

As December of 2012 ended, we were excited to interview and hire a couple that has been quite familiar with this ministry since its beginnings.  Jon and Linda Lawrence first traveled the 1+hour one-way trek from Mesa AZ to volunteer with our Church Bus before their wedding in 2004.  Soon after, they moved to Globe to become ARM team members.  Through the next ten years, a lot transpired both within this ministry, and in this Lawrence family!  Four children have arrived:  Jasmine (2006), Andi (2008), Morgan (2010) and Edward (2011).   Many of the children and young teens that attend feel like the Lawrence kids are their family, too.  Linda has had a major hand in building relationships and mentoring many.  For several years, Linda served each afternoon through our Church Bus.  She had the honor of baptizing many children since August of 2013 that were part of her ministry. Linda continues to mentor many of these kids through social media but now serves in ARM’s offices as well as leading Prayer Journeys of the Reservation, helping cook for our visiting teams and leading ARM’s Youth Group, which meets on Friday evenings.  Jon keeps busy with the maintenance needs of this ministry,  serving as ARM’s Work Group Coordinator and leading ARM’s Youth Group as well. Their four children are oftentimes seen serving in this ministry, too!  This Lawrence family is also deeply dependent upon the Lord to provide partners to support them as they serve Him.

Lawrence Family news January, 2020

Lawrence Family news 06-19

Lawrence Family news 1-19

Lawrence Family news 12-17

Lawrence Family news 6-1-17

Jon and Linda’s first newsletter 2013[1][1]

2020 Jon Lawrence Family

Vincent, Vermaleen and Aurelia Stevens

We are thrilled to introduce you to a wonderful family on the ARM Team!  Vincent Stevens began assisting with ARM’s construction projects during the summer of 2018. At the first House Blessing he was blessed to participate in, Vincent smiled large and shared that it is a blessing to be able to work at what he’s passionate about.  Not only is Vincent a capable contractor, he is also a faithful pastor at one of the Reservation churches.  His wife, Vermaleen, is also a great blessing to this ministry!  Her words of wisdom are shared from a quiet and faith-filled heart.  Their daughter, Aurelia, adds energy and smiles of her own to bless this ministry!  Aurelia has often been the one to raise her hand and answer questions at an ARM Vacation Bible School, or in the past on our Church Bus, even volunteering to pray, in spite of her young age!  Please join us in welcoming the Stevens family.  We would love for you to partner with them in financial and prayer support!  Simply contact us for more information.

Taron Zufelt

Taron arrived, offering to help us as needed, regardless of whether that service would be volunteer or not, during the summer of 2019.  He had a “crash course” in Vacation Bible Schools, helping with two, within weeks of joining the ARM team!  He has been a huge help with our annual Backpack Project, maintenance and construction projects as well.  Because school has resumed, we welcome Taron a few afternoons each week, and know that when our tasks get busy, he’ll also add his ARMs on weekends as needed.




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