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Needs List Spring, 2019

Life on the Reservations                                                                                                          

Life on the reservations of Arizona holds many unique challenges for First Nations People. Although some of the children may come from safe Christian homes, most of them have home lives that are filled with challenges and experiences that oftentimes are heartbreaking.

Alcoholism is a severe problem among Native Americans; on this Reservation, well over 50%.  Sometimes parents are the ones who begin the addictions within their children. With this problem come all of the abuses one might imagine.

The following statistics were obtained through various sources, including but not limited to 2010 US Census and Northern Arizona University:

The median age on the San Carlos Apache Reservation is 27 years. Those living elsewhere in the State of Arizona have a median age of 35-48 years.  More than 50% of the San Carlos Apache Reservation is under the age of 24.  According to the sources listed above, there are 10,068 enrolled Tribal Members.  Estimates elsewhere share that there are approx. 14,000 Tribal members.  According to the documents state above, families of San Carlos are three times more likely to be led by a single mother, and children are four times more likely to be living with a grandparent householder the other AZ residents.  Nearly Twenty-four percent of families are subsisting on less than $10,000 each year; 45% living below poverty.

  • Infant mortality is 2.5 times the national average.
  • Teen suicide rate is 7 times the national average. One child in eight knows someone who has committed suicide.
  • Satan’s presence is tangible on the reservations. Gang activity has grown, and crimes related to gang activities are increasing.
  • Drugs and alcohol are widely used among Native American adults, youth and children. The rate of alcoholism is also much higher than the national average.  Methamphetamine production and use is on the rise on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. When tested for drugs prior to giving birth, in 2014, on average, three babies were born per month to mothers who had recently taken drugs.
  • The need for homes today on the San Carlos Apache Reservation is tremendous!  (Current need is between 1,400 and 1,600 homes)  Families may wait up to 15 years to have a home of their own, now living in abandoned cars, under tarps, within sheds or sharing a 1,200 square foot home with up to 30 family members.

Arizona Reservation Ministries is convinced that the only answer to the problems stated above is Jesus Christ. Please keep our staff, Board of Directors, the reservation churches, and our Native brothers and sisters in prayer.

Then Jesus said to His disciples, “the harvest is huge.  But there are only a few workers. So ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers out into the harvest field.”  Matthew 9:37-38







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