Adult Ministries

Adult Ministry

Weekly Bible Studies, occasional special events, and friendships with those of the Tribe’s Assisted Living facility honestly bless us more than the residents and staff! Each February, we host a Women’s Conference Trip to the Phoenix area. The past two years, the hotel pool has served as a baptistery! In October, we host an Apache Pastor Appreciation Banquet, showing Christ’s love and sharing encouragement with these men and women on the front lines of very real spiritual battles. Quite often, conversations and more unfold between these leaders and those of this ministry. Mentoring and friendships unfold daily. Families are impacted by the Adult Ministries of ARM.

Our Hearts...

Are truly knit to many from across the Reservation!  Events are held, however, both through this ministry, and as we come alongside our brothers and sisters the Lord has placed in critical positions within churches and Tribal agencies.

For over fifteen years, on Tuesdays, an ARM representative shares Bible lessons with the residents of the Tribe’s Shelter Care. (Assisted-living facility). Because of the friendships formed both with the residents and staff, many parties and other events have been shared as well! This representative realizes that as many from this facility “graduate” to their final home, she is blessed to help them “prepare.”

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