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Eternal Decisions

Since 2012, over 100 decisions have been made, celebrated with baptisms within Arizona Reservation Ministries!  Most recently in February of 2019, this celebration unfolded:  In the Phoenix area, there is no need for an indoor pool.  GOD provided an indoor pool for our annual over-night Women’s Conference…with a curfew of midnight!  Hali packed a dress to wear over her swimsuit, because “you always wear a dress to a special occasion.”  Her best friend accompanied Linda into the water for this great event.  Afterward, another teen was baptized!  We had told her mom that she should be in the pool too, helping her daughter begin this new life.   After Makenna was baptized, most of the 22 women with us were gathered to pray and witness such a grand event.  We extended the invitation to them as well.  Makenna’s mom’s response was, “What about me?”  And so, Makenna and Linda baptized Joy. Praise God for the fruit this ministry is bearing!  Pray for these new ones who have joined God’s family and the decisions they’ll make as they grow.

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