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Attention Arizona Residents!

sunset saguaroWord has arrived that SB1216, a bill passed by the Arizona Senate in May of this year, has increased the amount allowed for a Tax Credit to agencies/ministries such as Arizona Reservation Ministries!  Because the allowed donation amount had not changed for several years, but inflation had increased significantly, allowable contributions have doubled.

That means, a single individual filing his/her AZ Tax documents may be eligible to receive back up to $400.00 through AZ  Tax  Credit, contributing that amount to ARM as a qualifying charity within this State.  Couples filing jointly can now claim up to $800.00 during 2016.  This is a huge praise for this ministry, as well as those who earn an income within the State of  Arizona and wish to have more control over where those funds go.  As always, consult your tax advisor to see how this increased tax credit applies to you.  Thanks for joining us in praising God…and thanks for spreading the word!  Please note!


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