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Back Pack Project

the excitement of Backpack Week!

2019 Backpack Flier

**In order to respect the Traditions of our San Carlos Apache friends, we humbly request that no “owl” printed backpacks be provided.
Arizona Reservation Ministries has been thrilled to provide school supplies specifically requested by teachers tucked inside brand-new back packs for children and teens of the San Carlos Apache Nation every year since 2004! Through the generosity of many across the US, in July of 2018, over 1,000 children and teens received their very own backpack and school supplies through ARM!

Because our primary purpose is to lead everyone the Lord places in our path to a personal relationship with Him, these are simply a tool toward that end.  Tucked inside will be something for them to read, gently guiding in that critical relationship.  Why do we need so many backpacks?  There are over 1,500 students attending the schools of the San Carlos Apache Reservation.  But, many of these residents choose to attend school off of the Reservation as well, creating a MUCH greater need!  Because the Backpack Project has been part of this ministry for so long, parents and guardians know that they can trust us to provide this simple need, so that they can relax (just a little!) as they shop for school clothing, shoes, etc.  We have watched as such a simple provision, shared through Jesus’ intimate love for them, has made an eternal impact!

As you are shopping for school supplies for your own children/grandchildren, please send a small package to Arizona Reservation Ministries.  And, as you pack, please pray for the one who will receive your gift.  Thank you!

For those that would like to save on shipping costs:  We need a significant amount of WalMart or Dollar Tree Gift Cards to purchase what we will be lacking as the backpacks are stuffed.  You can also shop “Site-to-store” to our Claypool store at WalMart.com.  Another way to “double-bless” us, would be to shop through AmazonSmile, allowing us to receive a portion of the purchase price…and then they can ship items directly to us!

*Please note that the deadline for us to receive school supplies in 2019 is July 4th! (School begins here in Arizona the beginning of August!)


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