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Partners for Youth & Children’s Ministries

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A ‘Bus Buddy’ is an individual or group who commits to praying for this particular area of ARM.  By sending us just $25.00 each month, you are helping in a tremendous way as gasoline, insurance, snacks, craft supplies and more are on-going needs to keep this Bus rolling.  We take that partnership seriously!    THANKS for considering such a practical partnership!

Arizona Reservation Ministries visits four tribal neighborhoods (actually reaching eleven neighborhoods as we travel through to pick up those who want to be part of their Church Bus!) on the San Carlos Apache Reservation every week through our Mobile Ministry Center.  A renovated bus is lovingly referred to as “the  Church Bus.” Even the school principal talks about the Church Bus during announcements! Kids from other neighborhoods have relatives bring them, or catch a ride on our van.  Over 800 kids are now on our attendance lists…over 200 coming weekly!  Please pray for them, and for us as the Gospel is preached by word and action.  The older kids/young teens are growing into leaders! We’ve already celebrated the summer of two former “Bus Kids” as our interns! We’re also praying for the kids and teens who have chosen Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior over the past few years!  We were excited to celebrate our first baptisms in July of 2012!  Thirteen kids/teens were baptized as well as our summer intern! Since then, that number has exceeded 100 who have joined those numbers, more voicing their decision for Christ often!

Through their Church Bus, Backpacks, fleece blankets and Christmas Stockings are distributed each year.  In addition to these weekly visits, special events are also held each year, rewarding attendance, celebrating families, and more!

Each afternoon; Monday-Thursday, our Church Bus rolls into a neighborhood on the Reservation.  As the horn honks, kids run from everywhere to come aboard and join in.  The singing can get loud, the object and Bible lessons sometimes personal or crazy, the craft and game times wild.  Everything is planned to help each and every child and teen grown in their knowledge of Jesus Christ, as they also make personal decisions to follow and trust Him.  Our Children’s Minister, Faye Hinton, is herself from this Reservation.   As the children and teens have been told for years that it is our desire for them to become the Church Bus Team, they are now watching as that unfolds, and ministry happens through them!

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