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Christmas Stocking and Fleece Blankets Project

2014 Christmas stocking wish list



Please note the deadline we have requested.  Because of the logistics of purchasing additional items with donated gift cards, and “stocking stuffing”, we need all items no later than November 15, 2015.  Thank you!

Each year, Arizona Reservation Ministries is blessed to provide filled Christmas stockings for children, teens and even some adults of the San Carlos Apache Nation thanks to the generosity of our partners as they contribute and spread the word!  For many, this will be the most they will receive this Christmas season.  As we have been able to participate in such a humbling, yet fun event, we have discovered ways to create the stockings, and what to put in them that make this Project even more practical (such as draw-string stockings, brand-new toiletries inserted, the most requested toys, etc.).  ALL that ARM does is deliberately intended to an eternal purpose.  Stockings and toys will wear out.  Jesus Christ and His plan for these recipients is eternal.  SO…also contained within each stocking will be something leading them back to the One whose birth their stocking represents.

We intentionally choose specific items to add to the above list for the Greater Plan of pointing the recipients to Christ.  If interested in helping to provide the item(s) we have chosen, please contact us, or send funds designated for this special purpose.    The revised (2014) general “Wish Lists” for these stockings can be printed simply by clicking on the link above.

Calling All Seamstresses…and “Non-Seamstresses”

This past Christmas, we were able to distribute well over 450 Christmas stockings and blankets! We will need at least that many this Christmas Season.  If interested in helping to create these stockings, please click on the directions below.  Not a seamstress?  Along with the stockings each Christmas season, we also distribute an equal amount of hand-tied fleece blankets.  For many, their blanket is their favorite gift!  If living in a home with over 20 others, this gift provides a special spot to sleep, and warm, comfortable place that they can call their own. 

We deeply appreciate those who follow our requests for both the stocking design/dimensions and the fleece blankets! This helps us insure that each recipient receives a similar gift.  The hand-tied, two-ply fleece blanets are 45″ x 60″.    Groups in the past have gathered to cut and create these stockings or blankets while listening to Christmas music and eating Christmas cookies-even in July!  Directions here are minimal because we are excited to see what God will provide through you…let your creativity by your guide! All we ask is that the fabrics for each Christmas Stocking be strong enough to hold the contents of the stocking, and that the blankets are teen- or child-friendly.  (no “halloween” or owl prints, please.) Thank you!

Christmas Stocking Sewing Instructions

Would you like to help us by making Christmas Stockings? Below are the instruction and patterns you’ll need. Feel free to download the pattern for our Christmas stockings! They are typically constructed of a cotton/poly blend of Christmas fabric. Others have arrived made from corduroy, velveteen, etc. Your help would be appreciated! If you’d like, you can download a set of the instructions and patterns for the stockings. (Adobe PDF file).All seams are ½ inch. Press fabrics as you go. There will be a cord run through the casing at the top of the cuff to tie the stocking into a bag. (This prevents bigger kids from taking the gifts of little ones as they head home.  This also allows Grandma to “hide” what’s inside if it is their primary Christmas gift.)  Each stocking will consist of the following fabric pieces:

  • 2 stocking pieces
  • 1 contrasting cuff piece
  • 1 cord, 1 yard long

Please refer to the pattern below for cutting the pieces.

  1. Stitch the stocking pieces right sides together, leaving the top open. Carefully clip curves and turn.
  2. With right sides together, stitch cuff piece’s short ends together to create a tube, leaving opening as marked. Top stitch seams flat.
  3. Turn hem of this cuff twice; ¼ inch each time, and top stitch. If you have a serger, serge hem, then turn once, ½ inch, and top stitch.
  4. Stitch cuff onto stocking, right side of cuff to inside of stocking, seam of cuff to the back seam of the stocking. Turn cuff out and over right side of stocking (it should be right side out now, and the seam should be hidden inside the casing). Top stitch the cuff down to the stocking, just below the opening, so it makes a casing to run a cord through.
  5. Tie the cord to a large safety pin and feed it through the casing and back out the opening. Tie knots in each end of the cord so it will not unravel, but DO NOT tie the two ends of the cord together. They will be tied together when the stocking is filled.
  6. Pick up the next stocking and repeat!

A few suggestions to make this project a bit more simple/meaningful:

  • A work party to cut out and stitch the stockings is a lot of fun, and it is easier to do assembly-line style with your friends helping. (Even some of the men might get involved!) Add a bit of Christmas music and Christmas cookies to the gathering-no matter the time of year and the fun fellowship that results will be remembered as children and teens of San Carlos enjoy your creations!
  • Cutting the cuff fabric in long strips, sewing it together, then cutting the right length for cuffs works well and saves fabric. Just lay out the fabrics and use a rotary cutter, cutting across the width of the fabrics. You can do several layers at a time, and have someone on a sewing machine or serger putting them together while you cut.
  • To make this a church-wide event, bundle the stocking fabric by 10’s, etc. to be sewn by people at home, distributing them in bags. It will help to keep a record of who you gave them to, how many and when so you can keep account for all of the stockings you’ve cut.
  • As each stocking is stitched, pray for the recipient to know the greatest Gift, and for God to protect, lead and provide for this precious Apache child/teen.

Thank you for helping with this project. Have fun, and may you be richly blessed both in your fellowship and through your generosity!

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