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Fleece Blanket Project

This project is such a tremendous blessing to those of San Carlos for many reasons!  A treasured gift in Native tradition is a blanket.  By providing one for the children and teens of the San Carlos Apache Reservation, we are joining in a long-held traditional way of expressing our support and Christ’s love.  Some of the children on this reservation live in homes with up to 24 others.  Their “bed” may be under the kitchen table! Having a blanket that they can call their own helps to designate their personal sleeping area.  Although a large portion of the State of Arizona is desert and the nights fairly warm compared to other areas of the Country, snow does fall in San Carlos at times, the temperatures requiring something to provide warmth on cold nights.  All of this has prompted Arizona Reservation Ministries to ask for your help in providing several hundred fleece blankets at Christmas time.

*in order to respect the Traditions of the San Carlos Apache People, we humbly request that no “owl” prints be sent.  Thank you.

Each blanket needs to be similar to the others we will distribute.  The diminsions are 45″ x 60″.  Each hand-tied fleece blanket is created by cutting fringe on all four edges.  This “fringe” is then hand-tied, combining two pieces of fleece into one warm blanket.  The patterns of the fabric vary considerably!  That just adds to the fun!  We are so grateful for your looking into the possibility of you helping us with this annual project!

The deadline for these precious provisions is November, 15, 2016

All blankets need to be sent to us at

8435 Six Shooter Canyon, Globe AZ  85501.

Again, thank you!

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