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Individual Staff Support

As the Team of ARM faithfully serves Christ in so many ways on the San Carlos Apache Reservation, they also live by faith.  As you read through the short biographies below, please pray for each one that the Lord has called to this ministry.  As you feel led, donations are deeply appreciated!  Simply send a note with your donation to “ARM” with the designated recipient you feel called to help support.  That support is truly a blessing to us all, as we are a “family” and pray often for the needs of each other.

Brenda Bendle began helping her sisters by serving popcorn or sno- cones at Church Bus special events, preparing an Apache meal for ARM guests, etc. several years ago.  Her servant’s heart kept prompting her to return.  The friendships formed long ago led to her choosing to join ARM as our Short-Term Ministry Team cook in April of 2014.  Brenda not only prepares the menus for these visiting teams, but their dinners as well.  As special events continue to unfold through Arizona Reservation Ministries, ‘Chef Brenda’ is the one creating the special fare.  In addition to those tasks, she has already stepped into other forms of ministry.  Early in her ministry with ARM,she bravely spoke before the high school students of San Carlos about the incredible difficulties of teen pregnancy.  In addition to her tasks with ARM, Brenda is also a cook at the public school in San Carlos.

Husband, Sam, and Brenda have two sons, Nick (2005) and Cameron (2007). Brenda loves to spend time with her family, playing sports and cooking for her extended family as well.

2015 Three Sisters

Greg and Donna Conrad are not new to the mission field.  They served within another ministry forming friendships with Natives from 1991-2005.  Their children, Nathan, Joel and Laura (1981) all live within the State of Arizona, so when the Conrads were considering their retirements, they not only made the decision to continue to live their days for Christ, but if possible, remain near their family. Although this couple “retired” yet again; this time, from ARM on May 16th, 2017, they continue to be a vital resource to this ministry as needed.

Bill and Jean Cook

Although the Cooks are technically “volunteers” among the ARM family, they have served faithfully and diligently through ARM since November of 2005.  Bill is known as “Pastor Bill” as he preaches half of the time at our Central Christian Church in Globe, and as “Grandpa Bill” to the countless children and teens who have grown to love him as he’s served on ARM’s mobile ministries as Church Bus Driver and Teacher.  Jean “retired” as her ninth anniversary with ARM unfolded in November of 2014, but continues to be part of this ARM ‘family’.  Bill followed his wife in “retirement” as Grandpa Bill on our Church Bus in August of 2017, but continues to fill the pulpit each month at our Central Christian Church in Globe.  Both are great examples of servants and serve well as partners through ARM.  Any notes, prayers and special gifts for Bill and Jean would also be great blessings.

The Day Family

Rob Day arrived to serve on the San Carlos Apache Reservation, building homes through Amor Ministries during the summer of 2013. It didn’t take long before the people of San Carlos clearly saw his heart for Christ, and his love for them. During the partnership between Amor and ARM, the ARM team was able to watch those great attributes as well as Rob’s work ethic. When Amor decided they would need to discontinue ministry on the San Carlos Apache Reservation on December 1, 2014, Rob, wife Christy, Jayde and Joseph chose to remain in Globe and continue ministry here, rather than relocating to Amor’s offices in California and work in Mexico. The transition was clearly God-led; the addition of Rob Day to the ARM Team as our Construction Manager an answer to prayer. Christy joined her husband on the ARM team in the summer of 2016, being our photographer, building deep relationships and mentoring those from San Carlos, and many important tasks in the ARM offices. Jayde and Joseph are oftentimes part of the workers on hand for special events, home building and more! The Day family is completely dependent upon the support of others that the Lord calls to join in this adventure. Please pray for them as their support needs to increase significantly so that their bills can remain current, their focus on ministry rather than financial needs.


Faye Hinton

ARM was led to the Hinton family in the summer of 2008, as they were expecting their third son.  Living in a one-room home, we were blessed to build two bedrooms onto this home, not knowing then all that God would do through this simple act.  Faye, her husband, Mike, and sons Micah (2005) Tyron (2007) and Uriyan (2008) and Angel (2016) are a family setting a faithful example on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.  In February of 2010, Faye joined our Children’s Ministries, working each afternoon on the Church Bus.  Since then, her responsibilities both within this ministry and her local church have grown considerably!  She is now ARM’s Children’s Minister!  She is also being used in mighty ways to share about Christ and ARM across the US through revivals, conventions and more. In July of 2012, Faye was the one to baptize many of the ‘Church Bus Kids’ in a river on the Reservation…including her eldest son!  The blessing has continued as many more have been baptized as each year unfolds.

2015 Three Sisters

Dale & Diana Lawrence
In August of 1991, the Lawrence’s moved their family of six to the mission field.  (Jacque, 1981; Jon, 1983; Justin, 1989 and Jenna 1990) God has been holding and leading them for over 23 years as missionaries!  When the Lord provided a church building in Globe AZ, just off of the San Carlos Apache Reservation for just $1.00 (see the rest of our history elsewhere on this web site), Arizona Reservation Ministries was born.  Dale and Diana were blessed to be its founders.  Although their “hats” are many, primarily, Dale continues to serve as ARM’s Executive Director, overseeing the general operations, financial accountability and construction aspects of this ministry.  Diana serves as ARM’s Development Director, and Work Group Coordinator.

Lawrence Family Update August, 2017

Click here for a biography of Dale & Diana

The Jon Lawrence Family

As December of 2012 ended, we were excited to interview and hire a couple that has been quite familiar with this ministry since its beginnings.  Jon and Linda Lawrence first traveled the 1+hour one-way trek from Mesa AZ to volunteer with our Church Bus before their wedding in 2004.  Soon after, they moved to Globe to become ARM team members.  Through the next ten years, a lot transpired both within this ministry, and in this Lawrence family!  Four children have arrived:  Jasmine (2006), Andi (2008), Morgan (2010) and Edward (2011).  Since the spring of 2010, Linda and a few of these children (on a rotating basis) had volunteered on ARM’s Church Bus each Thursday afternoon.  Many of the children and young teens that attend feel like the Lawrence kids are their family, too.  Linda has had a major hand in building relationships and mentoring many.  For several years, Linda served each afternoon through our Church Bus.  She had the honor of baptizing many children since August of 2013 that were part of her ministry. Linda continues to mentor many of these kids through social media but now serves in ARM’s offices as well as helping cook for our visiting teams and more.  Jon keeps busy helping with the Construction Crew of ARM, building, repairing and renovating homes, churches on the Reservation and more.


Lawrence Family news 6-1-17

Kevin Pleasant’s journey to the ARM team began as a young boy. God placed within him a dream to go to a “green desert.” That didn’t sound possible, but he grew up, remembering that dream. In the summer of 2016, he started looking at ministries in Arizona, and found Arizona Reservation Ministries…focusing on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in a “green desert.” Kevin began the application process with ARM and joined a scheduled visiting Short Term Ministry Team from his home state of Indiana. During this visit, both to Kevin and the ARM Team, it became clear that his Man of God was being directed by the Lord to serve here. We welcomed Kevin Pleasant to the ARM team April 24th, 2017. His primary responsibilities and giftedness are working with the children and teens from our Church Bus. His servant-heart compels him to share Christ boldly with these precious ones. He also helps as needed in many other tasks within this ministry. Kevin is also completely dependent upon the Lord for his financial provision. Click on the link below to read more about Kevin and his ministry within ARM:  2017 Kevin Pleasant brochure update

Lynell WrightApril, 2011 144

Lynell Wright has been serving with the children and youth of San Carlos through ARM since May of 2010! For the first four years, she served through our Church Bus Ministry as a role model and basketball player.  Today, she continues to help when needed part-time with the Church Bus, but also in other areas as needed.  Lynell lives  on the San Carlos Apache Reservation with “Princess Kristen”, born in May of 2015 and son, JR (2016), also spending much time with her extended family.