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Support for Home-building

2019 Home Building Brochure

It has been several years, and over 31 homes constructed since God opened an area of ministry for ARM as only He could!

A meeting was held with the Tribal Chairwoman at the beginning of 2007.  At this meeting, her face lit up when an ARM representative asked how she would feel about us building homes for her People.  In February of that year, a godly Apache gentleman approached us about the need for a home for a woman and her children. A Christian friend had allowed them to live on their property. That woman was given a tiny, ancient trailer to live in. There was not enough room for her children and grand daughter. They were forced to live under tarps and makeshift homes during the cold (30 degree) winter nights.  Meetings began between ARM staff and the Tribal Housing Authority. They presented a dismal, and clear need for housing on this Reservation. The need is at crisis proportions!  Over 1,400 homes are needed today!  Many families are living in structures as pictured, garden sheds or abandoned cars. Others reside together with up to 30 others within the walls of a 1,200 square foot home.  With the Tribe’s blessing, we are now working with others to meet this critical need!

To meet the URGENT need of so many families, a simple 24’x 28′ structure has been designed, complete with a common room and kitchen, one bathroom, and two bedrooms. We are also building some homes with three bedrooms and a small laundry room.  These homes measure 24′ x 40′.  We thank God that oftentimes, the walls for these homes are built in church parking lots or convention halls, then delivered to offset the costs of these homes! Plans are available for each wall section as well as an approximate cost breakdown. 

God miraculously provides the laborers and funds for each home.  As our team and those who joined us build, oftentimes neighbors would venture over.  Conversations and prayers oftentimes lead to much greater blessings than a house.  As with all areas of this ministry, building homes is simply one way to share the Gospel with those who desperately need the Hope of Christ.  As a home is completed, we celebrate with the recipients’ extended family.  The meal, gift of an engraved Bible, hand-made quilt and more offer physical encouragement.  The message shared is always the same:  A permanent home is waiting, being prepared by Christ just for them.  This temporary home is simply a tangible reminder of His great love for them.

At any time, there are at least a few homes at various stages of completion so that the skills of volunteers the Lord sends can more likely be used.  Because each home requires approx. $28,000 of donated funds, the amount of time required to complete one depends largely upon those the Lord sends to work with us, and the funds others are able to provide.  Please pray for more laborers!  Seventy-five percent of the funds provided by a Short Term Ministry Team are used on these projects. (The remaining 25% covers their lodging, food, etc.)  Please also pray for those who might be able to provide the needed funds.  A new stove, cabinets and roof insulation often are the greatest expense and longest delay in handing keys to a family in need.  These final elements are part of the last phase of construction, requiring few laborers, but much funding.

For more/updated information, contact us at:
(928) 425-8449
or azrezministry@hotmail.com



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