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Prayer Requests

The most critical need for those of the San Carlos Apache Nation is for others to lift them up in prayer.  Often.

The spiritual battles waged on a daily basis are honestly brutal.

We are, however, learning that God’s children NEVER need to cringe in fear. 

Your prayers are treasures to all of us.

November & December, 2018

 “Death” is a profound part of “life” on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. Diabetes, the countless effects of alcohol and drug abuse, suicide, and murder are FAR-too common. With a Tribal Enrollment approx. 14,000, there is at least one funeral each week.   Infants are formed within toxic wombs, drug-affected and gang affiliated have taken the lives of many, lately. A girl committed suicide just a week before her 12th birthday.  At her wake, we received word of the suicide of a 19-year-old boy.  Please pray for the hopelessness to disappear, and for the grieving families to themselves find Hope.

Please, please commit to daily praying-primarily as the Spirit leads, but also through the list below:

We are truly grateful for your prayers!

  • Pray for the new Youth Group formed through ARM, which is meeting Friday evenings at an Apache-led church.  Pray for this group of teens who is digging deep into the Word of God, and for those who are leading them. PLEASE mark your calendars and pray for them on Fridays.
  • Please pray for the youth of San Carlos; young women who are constantly in danger of rape, incest, etc., the teens/young adults we know who are displaced because it appears no one wants them and those who are in gun-wielding gangs in order to feel protected and “loved”.
  • Please pray for the LORD to provide a Commercial Driver’s License driver who loves Him to join our team to drive our Children’s Church Bus.
  • Please pray for the LORD to send and filter others to join in ministry with ARM soon.
  • Please pray!  Suicides attempts have been increasing for those as young as eleven years old.  Pray for the hopelessness that is tangible to be overcome by the Hope that is eternal!
  • Pray for the secular facilities those who attempt suicide are sent to. We’re hearing one may not be safe.
  • Pray for those of the San Carlos Apache Tribe as well as those within this ministry and their family members as the spiritual battles occur daily.
  • Pray for your Apache spiritual siblings who have fallen prey to the evil one!  We absolutely love watching as prayers are answered and these are once again welcomed into the Body of Christ!
  • Please keep the students of San Carlos in prayer!  School resumed this year on August sixth.  Violence is erupting, especially during lunch time and on the school buses; for even the littlest students.
  • For for those working within the schools to have wisdom to know how to handle so many situations, and receive training to be able to prevent violence from escalating…to have sensitivity to those things unspoken, and to be able to instill dignity and a sense of safety in these children.
  • Pray also for the education of those from San Carlos!  The schools are not succeeding according to State testing.
  • Pray for the students who did graduate from High School this past May and are now attending colleges across this country. (22 of them!) Pray for them to persevere in a strange environment.
  • Pray also for those amazing young mamas who persevered and graduated as well.  Pray for their dreams to unfold-for their sake and that of their little ones.  Pray also for the other moms who are now working on their GEDs or high school diplomas.
  • Please pray for the families of children, teens, fathers, mothers, grandmas, grandpas, etc. who have taken up residence in heaven recently.
  • Pray for God to provide places of employment for all of those desperately trying to find work on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.  Unemployment continues to stand at over 75%!  Pray for the need to educate those of this Nation in running a small business that can succeed.  Pray against the government regulations that are crippling.
  • Pray for the safety and supervision of families with strong parents who must live far from home to work, simply to provide necessities for their families.
  • Please pray urgently for those who are homeless, or living without electricity, or in sheds with no insulation, running water or electricity. The need remains for 1,400-1,600 homes today!
  • Please pray for wisdom as applications arrive often from those needing a home.  Pray for laborers and funding. We have over 100 applications in our files.
  • Pray for concise, clear communication between Tribal Government representatives, representatives from the State of Arizona and our Nation’s capitol.
  • Praise God for ARM’s strong reputation among Apache churches, Tribal agencies, etc. and the new relationships constantly beginning.  Pray for wisdom as we serve Jesus Christ in so many ways.  Pray for wisdom as we hire additional Team Members, attend meetings with Tribal agencies and more.
  • Please pray for those on the Reservation who tirelessly proclaim the Hope of Jesus Christ!  These Apache Spiritual Warriors (Pastors, wives and lay-preachers, first responders, etc.) need encouragement, and prayers for good health, strong marriages, families who are faithful, financial support and wisdom as they lead.  Pray for ARM’s representatives to have wisdom as they meet with these leaders to simply encourage them and help bear their many burdens.
  • Pray for these pastors as they share the Gospel-for wisdom and biblically accurate messages.
  • Please keep those who are currently in jail or prison in your prayers.  Many times, children and teens choose actions that will mandate a jail sentence so that they have greater safety than at home!  Pray for the LORD to speak to these inmates, and breathe value into them.  Pray for those on the staff of these facilities to have and share the Hope of Christ with these inmates.
  • Please keep the vulnerable in prayer as the violent continue to prey upon them.
  • Please keep the babies who are forming within the wombs of intoxicated/addicted mamas in prayer. Pray for these mothers, too.  Pray for them to find value in Jesus’ love for them so their deep need for love can be fulfilled in healthy ways.
  • Please pray for the young men of San Carlos!  Most are without direction and a strong mentor to guide them.  Pray especially for two young men, living in a drug and gang infested home who truly want to bring up their little families in the Lord!
  • Please pray for all of those on the Reservation to have a much quicker diagnosis of disease so that treatment can lead to cure!  Cancer is rarely diagnosed before reaching Stage Four.  Pray for those who are now fighting such a terrible disease.
  • Praise for the new and much larger hospital that opened summer of 2015! Pray for wise and compassionate care-givers. Pray for God to send many of His people to fill the positions still lacking in this new facility.
  • Pray for the care givers in hospitals off of the Reservation as well as on, to become culturally sensitive to the unique characteristics of communication, family and more within our Native brothers and sisters.  VERY often, San Carlos Apaches must be transported far from home to receive adequate care; typically from 1 1/2-2 hours from their family.
  • Pray for the agency responsible for electricity in most of  the homes.  In many ways, this branch of the Bureau of Indian Affairs continues to oppress this Nation in significant ways.  Pray for deliverance. Pray also for the many families who will need help paying their bills.
  • Please pray for those with significant needs:  it is clear that those with the greatest needs are those who do not ask for help.  Pray for the Lord to direct those with resources to those who need help the most.  Please pray against nepotism in various “aid” agencies, and for us to have wisdom regarding who to help…and how.
  • Pray diligently for the elderly of San Carlos!  Although their monthly Social Security check is valued, in many homes, they personally are not…elder abuse is growing.
  • Please keep ARM’s needs in prayer; we need more monthly supporters.  The economy has forced some churches to decrease support and some elderly partners have gone home to be with the Lord.  Costs for construction, insurance, gasoline, etc. have increased.
  • Thank God!  A former gang leader shared that gang affiliation is in fact decreasing!  His view of why that is happening?  The kids and teens that attend our Church Bus are seeing they can make a different and better choice!  However, there are still children choosing to follow family members’ footsteps by becoming gang members, OR, forced to because they reside under the same roof.  Pray for Angel, Raymondo, Taagi, Steven, Justin, Mardy, Perry, Jeremy, Charles, Isreal, Tony and others who need to disconnect from this hazardous lifestyle.
  • Praise God for the over 100 adults, teens and children who have accepted Christ and been baptized with the assistance of ARM since 2012!
  • Thank God for His power, love and wisdom!  So MUCH of what we are part of would be impossible without Him!


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