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What We Do

ARM is based upon just two principals; the first, is to “let GOD lead.”  With HIM at the helm, adventures unfold often…and miraculously!  The second principal is based upon Exodus chapter 17.  In the story written there, Moses’ ARMs are raised as God instructed, and Isreal is winning the battle in the valley below against the Amelekites.  Because Moses is human, his ARMs got tired.  Aaron and Hur sat him on a rock, and helped hold up his ARMs so that Isreal might be victorious.  This ministry represents the position of Aaron.  Those who pray, join us in short-term ministry, spread the word, send financial gifts and more, represent “Hur.”  That leaves the central position of Moses as our Native brothers and sisters.  They are serving within this ministry, both as ARM team members and as members of our Board of Directors.  Why do we write this explanation before explaining WHAT we do?  Because this explains the “HOW”.

We provide God’s ARMs around the San Carlos Apache Reservation.  Those ARMs provide the shoulder for someone to cry on.  The hands to pray, provide food, clothing, build a new home or remodel a broken one, help a child learn to rollerblade, baptize them, sort school items, stuff backpacks and Christmas stockings, serve food and pray over Apache pastors and their wives, and much….much more.

So…what do we do?  Provide our ARMs, as well as our hearts as God leads, to come alongside the San Carlos Apache Nation so that they will know of God’s great love for them, and add their ARMs to this process as well.  We are keenly aware of the concept formulated so well in the book entitled, “When Helping Hurts.” All that we do must flow from God’s leading, restoring the dignity our Native brothers and sisters most certainly deserve.

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