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A Harvest in the Desert


As the Church Bus lessons unfold each week, they have been planned intentionally around a main theme.  Object lesson, Bible lesson, memory verse, game, craft and as possible, even the snack reflect this theme.  Intentionally planned weeks, the lesson is built around ‘prayer.’  Instead of running in various directions after the lessons to play, create and more, the Church Bus Team leads these children and teens on prayer treks through their neighborhoods.  At the end of the first week, bootleggers and drug dealers were arrested!  The second year, two addicted mamas wept for deliverance after walking with their children, praying with us. God clearly heard the prayers of these little ones!  Each year, lessons intent on making it clear that the decision to follow Christ is one each one of us must make.  Since the summer of 2012, over one hundred children, teens and adults have made decisions for Christ, choosing to submit to Him in baptism!  Some days, the numbers within our Church Bus are especially high…up to 100 children filling to overflowing a renovated bus.  If you are willing and able to assist one of these days, we would love your help!  Applications to volunteer are also found on this web site.

The Bus…and  more!


The “Church Bus,” as it is affectionately called by the children on the San Carlos Apache Reservation, rolls into a neighborhood (four specific neighborhoods each week; Monday (Moonbase/Hollywood Ridge), Tuesday (Labumba), Wednesday (Hallelujah Square) and Thursday (Indian Hills; with Belvado Park, Tarzan Valley, Gilson Wash, White Rock and Tufa Stone kiddos) afternoons after school has dismissed) and honks the horn. They run from every direction to climb on board and participate in Bible lessons, memory verses, singing, snacks, and then, “controlled chaos.” The focus is Jesus Christ, with lessons these children can hang onto in their days and nights of unimaginable difficulties. After the lesson time, they all scatter to play. Some stay inside the bus playing with Mr. Potato Head, board games, making crafts that fit into the lessons they’ve just heard, studying memory verses etc. Others head outside for activities like jump rope and Rollerblades.  Children and teens are the volunteers who now pray at the end of our daily lessons!  Faye Hinton, our Children’s Minister, is herself from San Carlos and has served with ARM for five years.  She leads this group of Church Bus Team Ministers; six in all, and four from San Carlos.

This Church Bus Team also hosts special events throughout the year, such as Vacation Bible Schools at Reservation churches, Sports Camps, Family Fun Days, and assists in carnivals, parades and more!  We are also blessed to provide backpacks each July for the beginning of a new school year, and Christmas Stockings and fleece blankets just before Christmas.  Please download the attached brochure for more information, and ways you can help.


‘s & Youth brochure

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