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Home-Building & House Blessings

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God’s Leading and Provision Have Led to Many Miracles!

A meeting was held with the Tribal Chairwoman at the beginning of 2007.  At this meeting, her face lit up when an ARM representative asked how she would feel about us building homes for her People.  In  of that year, a godly Apache gentleman approached us about the need for a home for a woman and her children. A Christian friend had allowed them to live on their property. That woman was given a tiny, ancient trailer to live in. There wasn’t room for her children and grand daughter. They were forced to live under tarps and makeshift homes as well during the cold (30-40 degree) winter nights.

During this time, we first met with Tribal Housing Authority. During this meeting, a much clearer picture was communicated regarding the need for housing on this Reservation. The need is at crisis proportions! Many families are living in structures as pictured or abandoned cars.  We were blessed to build a home for this family as a new area of ARM’s focus was directed by the Lord.

To meet the URGENT need of many other families, a simple 24’ x 28’ structure is designed, complete with a common room and small kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms. The walls for these homes have been built in church parking lots and convention halls and then transported to us!  This precious gift has allowed us to build significantly more houses, providing homes for many more families!  Plans are available each wall section as well as an approximate cost breakdown.  We pray for many to consider such a practical way of participating in Short-Term, Cross-Cultural Ministry while allowing friends or fellow church members to serve while staying near home.

How do we share the Good news of Jesus Christ? Those working on these homes are earning the right to be heard. Moments occur where prompting by the Holy Spirit encourages those that have fallen away to again restore fellowship with Christian Apache churches. Others may have the opportunity for evangelism. Quite often, conversations and prayer occur at the building site, reminding all of us that the spiritual needs of those from the San Carlos Apache Nation is the greatest priority!

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House Blessing for the Dillon family!

 Double House


Leona celebrates family in her new kitchen!


Quilts and Love are shared at the new Belvado family home!

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