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Youth Ministries

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We are blessed with the opportunity to share the Gospel by word, deed and heart with the youth of the San Carlos Apache Nation!  Many who are now passing through those typically turbulent years have been part of our Church Bus (see ARM’s Children’s Ministries) for a long time.  We remember when they were little and went from diapers to “big girl panties,” when they celebrated a birthday, lost their mama to a meth overdose, or spent time in jail for releasing the anger from the abuse at home.  Life for many teens of San Carlos includes so many heart-breaking situations that our earnest plea is that you will passionately pray for them.  The likelihood for a young woman to complete high school is far less than in other areas of the US, because of poverty, teen pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse and responsibilities with younger siblings.  The good news is….teen mamas now have Native-led parenting classes through several agencies. Young men have few to mentor them, to show them how to be a good father.  Their affiliation with gangs, addictions to drugs, etc. are contributing to a dismal cycle that we all pray will end soon! 

Until the Lord sends someone to specifically join the ARM family to mentor these precious kid-adults, we love them through the Church Bus, through texts, Facebook, pool parties, an overnight party and more.  Teens consider the Church Bus their domain and help in many ways with it…some planning to graduate and then take up a position on ARM’s Church Bus as a Bible teacher, too.  A few have even served internships with us!  We’re praying for a Church Bus just for them… A safe place to unload, laugh and pray.  Please join us in praying for that day.  And…pray with us too as we know God’s plans are always perfect, and the waiting, too, is in His hands.

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