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June 10th, 2019

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Located less than 2 hours from the Phoenix airport…no passport required for this cross-cultural Short Term Ministry Opportunity!  If you only have a day, we need you to come and pray through the San Carlos Apache Reservation with us!  If you have a little more time, we need interns year-round!  Click on the links within this site to read how you can make an eternal difference.

2018 Backpack Project!

May 3rd, 2019

2019 Backpack Flier

**In order to respect the Traditions of our San Carlos Apache friends, we humbly request that no “owl” printed backpacks be provided.
Arizona Reservation Ministries has been thrilled to provide school supplies specifically requested by teachers tucked inside brand-new back packs for children and teens of the San Carlos Apache Nation every year since 2004! Through the generosity of many across the US, in July of 2018, over 1,000 children and teens received their very own backpack and school supplies through ARM!

Because our primary purpose is to lead everyone the Lord places in our path to a personal relationship with Him, these are simply a tool toward that end.  Tucked inside will be something for them to read, gently guiding in that critical relationship.  Why do we need so many backpacks?  There are over 1,500 students attending the schools of the San Carlos Apache Reservation.  But, many of these residents choose to attend school off of the Reservation as well, creating a MUCH greater need!  Because the Backpack Project has been part of this ministry for so long, parents and guardians know that they can trust us to provide this simple need, so that they can relax (just a little!) as they shop for school clothing, shoes, etc.  We have watched as such a simple provision, shared through Jesus’ intimate love for them, has made an eternal impact!

As you are shopping for school supplies for your own children/grandchildren, please send a small package to Arizona Reservation Ministries.  And, as you pack, please pray for the one who will receive your gift.  Thank you!

For those that would like to save on shipping costs:  We need a significant amount of WalMart or Dollar Tree Gift Cards to purchase what we will be lacking as the backpacks are stuffed.  You can also shop “Site-to-store” to our Claypool store at  Another way to “double-bless” us, would be to shop through AmazonSmile, allowing us to receive a portion of the purchase price…and then they can ship items directly to us!

*Please note that the deadline for us to receive school supplies in 2019 is July 4th! (School begins here in Arizona the beginning of August!)


Eternal Decisions

March 18th, 2019

Since 2012, over 100 decisions have been made, celebrated with baptisms within Arizona Reservation Ministries!  Most recently in February of 2019, this celebration unfolded:  In the Phoenix area, there is no need for an indoor pool.  GOD provided an indoor pool for our annual over-night Women’s Conference…with a curfew of midnight!  Hali packed a dress to wear over her swimsuit, because “you always wear a dress to a special occasion.”  Her best friend accompanied Linda into the water for this great event.  Afterward, another teen was baptized!  We had told her mom that she should be in the pool too, helping her daughter begin this new life.   After Makenna was baptized, most of the 22 women with us were gathered to pray and witness such a grand event.  We extended the invitation to them as well.  Makenna’s mom’s response was, “What about me?”  And so, Makenna and Linda baptized Joy. Praise God for the fruit this ministry is bearing!  Pray for these new ones who have joined God’s family and the decisions they’ll make as they grow.

2019…Celebrating a new home!

February 6th, 2019

In the fall of 2017, Veronica’s home was badly burned.  It was clear that the Lord was calling us to repair what was destroyed…but we didn’t know the extent of that destruction until demolition began.  The entire interior had to be reframed, rewired, etc.  It is with MUCH  joy that we were able to gather on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 to celebrate the completion of this huge project!  Thanks to the many who joined in this tangible way to show the Love of Christ!  Welcome home, Veronica and family!

Christmas Thanks!

January 7th, 2019

Each year, we’re excited to share Christmas stockings and fleece blankets that have been created by friends from across the US with children, teens and adults of the San Carlos Apache Tribe!  This project has grown!  We were blessed, because of our precious partners, to be the conduit to provide over 1,115 Christmas Stockings and nearly as many hand-tied fleece blankets this past Christmas.  THANK YOU!

Attention Arizona Residents:

October 1st, 2018

sunset saguaroAn opportunity is available to Arizona Residents to control a portion of their tax dollars. A single individual filing his/her AZ Tax documents may be eligible to receive back up to $400.00 through AZ  Tax  Credit, contributing that amount to ARM as a qualifying charity within this State.  Couples filing jointly can now claim up to $800.00 during 2018.  This is a huge praise for this ministry, as well as those who earn an income within the State of  Arizona and wish to have more control over where those funds go.  As always, consult your tax advisor to see how this increased tax credit applies to you.  Thanks for joining us in praising God…and thanks for spreading the word!  Please see the link below to catch a glimpse of where your gifts will go!

2018 Tax Credit flyer

Please note!  ARM’s ID number is #20082


Several Ways to Donate!

July 27th, 2018

By clicking on the link above as you shop through Amazon, .5% of your purchases through Amazon will be donated to this ministry!

To those that purchase their food and more at their neighborhood Fry’s/Kroger Food Stores, ARM is registered through their “Community Rewards Program #SB630. Simply add us as your “charity of choice” and give…while you shop!

Needs List Summer, 2018

Read about other ways to give at “Ways to Give”

a video glimpse of ARM

April 22nd, 2018

Contact Information

November 27th, 2012

Arizona Reservation Ministries

8435 South Six Shooter Canyon Road

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March 11th, 2011

Arizona Reservation Ministries exists to provide God’s ARMs around the Reservation. Currently serving on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in ways only God could orchestrate, those “arms” are providing a hug for children, shooting basketballs with youth, building homes, distributing clothing and food to impoverished families and sharing God’s hope through the Gospel with all ages. Established upon the principal found in Exodus 17 where God’s people need the assistance of others, ARM has chosen the servant position of Aaron, holding up the needs of our Apache brothers and sisters as the Lord leads. Those who partner with us—financially, prayerfully, or physically, are likewise upholding those in God’s family who live in tremendous poverty (“Hur”).  That leaves the “Moses” position:  Native Christians are more than capable of representing Christ on their Reservation.  With their limited funds, etc., we are simply called to “hold up their ARMs.”  We’re grateful that you’re taking the time to read about us, and acknowledge that our deepest need is your prayers.

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