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January 5th, 2013

Backpack Blessings!

August 20th, 2014

With school beginning so early on the San Carlos Apache Reservation, our request came in May for school supplies, backpacks and more so that each student from this Reservation might begin their NEW school year well-equipped.  The outpouring of generosity was overwhelming!  We all want to say “thank you!”  This summer, 956 backpacks were delivered because YOU were an answer to prayer!

A New Way to Donate!

July 29th, 2014

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ARM’s Bridge Update

March 6th, 2013

We are not quite finished…but a project that is so much larger than us has been unfolding here in the desert of Arizona.  God blessed this ministry with 45 acres that borders the National Forest when we were looking at just 3-5 acres.  As the economy slowed, the County told us we needed a permanent access to that property over the Pinal Creek.  This creek runs dry for most of the year, but during summer monsoons, or when winter rains melt the snow on the mountains above us, currents of deep water would wash our culverts away, making access impossible by vehicle.  The LORD provided precious people from New Jersey to California to help haul rock in the summer sun, form enormous concrete pillars, create a bridge from railroad cars and then place them by crane…and so much more!  We are  humbled by the laborers and those who financially have sacrificed on this project.  God is Good…and God alone could orchestrate this.  When excavation required softball-sized rocks for the baskets, that’s what the rented backhoe revealed from our hillside.  When we needed dirt with few rocks to create the access on each side, that’s what we found.  The following phase required large rocks and boulders.  Guess what we found?  One church, unsolicited, provided the generous “seed money” that began what our area newspaper called “The Mother of all Entrances.”  There are so many stories of GOD’s Might!    Please join us in praying for the remaining funds to finish.  A six-foot deep, three foot-wide trench has been dug on both sides and within the creek bed.  Fifty feet of rock-filled baskets to keep the water from undercutting the abutments is almost done!  Thank you for praying!  Thank you, to those who have helped with this tremendous testimony of GOD’s power!

Contact Information

November 27th, 2012

Arizona Reservation Ministries

8435 South Six Shooter Canyon Road

Globe, AZ  85501

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March 11th, 2011

Arizona Reservation Ministries exists to provide God’s ARMs around the Reservation. Currently serving on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in ways only God could orchestrate, those “arms” are providing a hug for children, shooting basketballs with youth, building homes, distributing clothing and food to impoverished families and sharing God’s hope through the Gospel with all ages. Established upon the principal found in Exodus 17 where God’s people need the assistance of others, ARM has chosen the servant position of Aaron, holding up the needs of our Apache brothers and sisters as the Lord leads. Those who partner with us—financially, prayerfully, or physically, are likewise upholding those in God’s family who live in tremendous poverty (“Hur”).  That leaves the “Moses” position:  Native Christians are more than capable of representing Christ on their Reservation.  With their limited funds, etc., we are simply called to “hold up their ARMs.”  We’re grateful that you’re taking the time to read about us, and acknowledge that our deepest need is your prayers.