Who we Are

On March 29, 2002, after less than a month in operation, Arizona Reservation Ministries obtained its incorporation papers establishing it as a non-profit corporation within the State of Arizona. The focus of this ministry is not to start a new church or school, but to aid Apache Christians who are already serving on this reservation.

“God's ARMs Around the Reservation.”

My thoughts the morning of our last day of mission work on the San Carlos Apache Reservation near Globe, AZ: I am blessed-and changed-by the experience. I am different because now I see that one by one-one heart at a time, God is changing this place and He's changing me.
Short Term MissionarIES

Children / Youth

Located less than 2 hours from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, we serve Christ alongside another nation with no passport required! 

We are blessed with the opportunity to share the Gospel by Word, deed and heart with the youth of the San Carlos Apache Nation! 

adult Ministry

God has placed amazing men and women of God within the San Carlos Apache Nation!  It is our job to encourage them.  This is done in so many ways!  We are also blessed with opportunities to share the Gospel with those who are seeking Truth.  The Adults of San Carlos experience unimaginable difficulties.  We are honored to stand with them, encourage them, and assist them.


Short-term ministry

Thank you for your interest in sharing n the amazing adventure of a Short-term Ministry trip!  You will have the opportunity of working with members of the San Carlos Apache Nation who deeply love Jesus Christ and serve Him through this ministry!  We are praying for you to perhaps join us!

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Home Building &

How do we share the Good news of Jesus Christ through house-building?

Workers on these homes are earning the right to be heard. Moments occur, prompted by the Holy Spirit, which encourages the fallen to gain fellowship with Christian Apache churches. 

Prayer Requests

The most critical need for those of the San Carlos Apache Nation is for others to lift them up in prayer.  Often. The spiritual battles waged on a daily basis are honestly brutal. We are, however, learning that God’s children NEVER need to cringe in fear.  Your prayers are treasures to all of us.


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