Each time a team of volunteers arrives...

We travel the western loop of the San Carlos Apache Reservation, joining ARMs with them, sharing the situations and stopping to simply pray.

As people travel to Arizona for a variety of reasons, some to enjoy our warmer winters, visitors arrive for a morning or an afternoon to participate in a Prayer Journey as well.

We serve the Mighty King! He is not bound by geography or time! As the challenges of 2020's Covid-19 unfolded, they only revealed God's plans and provisions in more incredible ways! HUNDREDS of thousands of pounds of food, diapers and more have been distributed, a "prayer station" was established in front of the quarantine facility for many of San Carlos...and much more! Your prayers are needed…right where you’re sitting. Thank you for praying!

We are witnessing enormous answers to the prayers of many! The Tribe has obtained grants the past few years so more homes are being built than in the previous ten years! At least two new enterprises have opened, providing jobs where unemployment is so high! Families are honestly being transformed as Christ is welcomed into their homes and lives!

How do you pray?

Jesus showed us how…just begin

“OUR Father…”

Participate in a Prayer Journey

A prayer journey is typically a part of the labors of a visiting Short-Term Ministry group coming to serve with us. We are also grateful for any others who are willing to come to take the less-than-2-hour trek from the Phoenix area to participate in this form of ministry as well. Some have even flown into Phoenix and driven east to participate in a Prayer Journey!

You are invited. Please contact our offices to schedule a Prayer Journey soon.

Prayer Requests

The most critical need for those of the San Carlos Apache Nation is for others to lift them up in prayer.  Often.

The spiritual battles waged on a daily basis are honestly brutal. We are, however, learning that God’s children NEVER need to cringe in fear.  Your prayers are treasures to all of us.

“Death” is a profound part of “life” on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. Diabetes, the countless effects of alcohol and drug abuse, suicide, and murder are FAR-too common. With a Tribal Enrollment that well exceeds 14,000, there is at least one funeral each week.  During the Covid lockdowns, those funerals increased to a minimum of one every three days, due to suicide, violence and more.  Infants are formed within toxic wombs; drug-affected and the gang affiliated have taken the lives of many.

Please commit to daily praying; primarily as the Spirit leads, but also through the list below:

"Pray for ARM’s Youth Group! In July of 2021, there were 21 teens in attendance. That evening, one of the youth leaders collapsed. Since then, severe health issues have been constant, prohibiting them from gathering. PLEASE PRAY. They meet on Friday evenings for dinner, games, Bible lessons, challenging conversations and prayer. Pray, again, for the couple leading these teens; for wisdom and energy. Pray for another faith-filled couple to join in this leadership position soon. Please also pray for the teens! Pray for many to join in this amazing area of this ministry."
PLEASE mark your calendars and pray for them on Fridays.

"Pray for the ARM team! Of the nine on our team, five are from the Reservation. There are also thirteen children who are "ARM staff kids." Cover the marriages, children, ministries and finances of each one in your prayers, please."
Pray MONTHLY for partners to support our Native team members
"Pray for the young teens who are now part of ARM's traveling basketball teams. The lessons about Christ, prayer and more have prompted many of these team members to choose Christ as their personal Lord and Savior! Pray for Prospero and Roxie as they travel, coach and mentor these team members. Pray for the funds required to enter tournaments, travel to play, and provide the uniforms they wear. Please pray for this area of ministry as many of these children come from dangerous homes, and are being challenged to be used by Christ to transform their families."
" Please keep the students of San Carlos in prayer! Many come from homes that are not safe. Some come from homes with no electricity, running water, etc. With compounded difficulties, being at grade level is a real challenge. Pray for the teachers to remain encouraged and empowered and the administrations to have wisdom with the unique challenges their students face. Pray for the safety of the students, and for a GREAT school year!"

"Pray for God to provide places of employment for all of those desperately trying to find work on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. Because this land is still held in Federal Trust, and because of many legal difficulties, starting a business as a Tribal member, or to hire Tribal members is near-impossible."
Unemployment continues to stand at over 75 percent!
"Please pray for the countless families that we are discovering on backroads and remote areas who are without basic essentials, such as electricity and running water. As food and more are being distributed by ARM team members, these recipients are realizing that GOD has not forgotten them. Pray for partners to continue to send items of tremendous need for their spiritual siblings. Please pray for us to have wisdom as distributions unfold and the need for encouragement and prayers is met as well."
Families are living in incredibly substandard structures, in need of critical supplies!
"Pray for concise, clear communication between Tribal Government representatives, representatives from the State of Arizona and our Nation’s capitol and for lasting solutions. Keep President Biden's choice for the Cabinet position of Department of Interior, who is herself Native, in prayer; to have wisdom and God's leading."
Pray as opportunities arise for ARM representatives to advocate on behalf of the San Carlos Apache Nation.
"Please pray for those on the Reservation who tirelessly proclaim the Hope of Jesus Christ! These Apache Spiritual Warriors (Pastors, wives and lay-preachers, first responders, etc.) need encouragement, and prayers for good health, strong marriages, families who are faithful, financial support and wisdom as they lead. Several Apache-led, Bible-based churches are welcoming new leadership as those who historically led them passed in the last few years."
Pray for ARM’s representatives to have wisdom as they meet with these leaders to simply encourage them and help bear their many burdens.

"Please keep the vulnerable in prayer as the violent continue to prey upon them. Pray for those who are passing on generational pain & abuse to this next generation."
"Please pray for safe homes for children who need to be removed from dangerous homes and the agencies involved in this process. Pray for funding! These agencies are in desperate need of grants, etc. to offset the Federal budget cuts that provide their operating expenses. Pray for these children to be safe as they grow."
"Pray for the care givers in hospitals off of the Reservation as well as on, to become culturally sensitive to the unique characteristics of communication, family and more within our Native brothers and sisters. Please also pray for timely and accurate diagnosis for the sick, and for them to receive the critical care they deserve."
VERY often, San Carlos Apaches must be transported far from home to receive adequate care; typically from 1 1/2-2 hours away from their family.
"Pray diligently for the elderly of San Carlos! Although their monthly Social Security check is valued, in many homes, they personally are not…elder abuse is growing. It is exciting to hear that with recent funding, plans are underway for a Nursing Home for the elderly to be built on this Reservation! They'll have others near them also speaking Apache, which is their heart-language."
"Praise God for the over 100 adults, teens and children who have accepted Christ and been baptized with the assistance of ARM since 2012! Pray that these new believers continue to grow in Christ. Please also pray for wisdom as others make such life-changing decisions!"

"Thank God for His power, love and wisdom! So MUCH of what we are part of would be impossible without Him!"
"Please pray for the youth of San Carlos; young women who are constantly in danger of rape, incest, etc., the teens/young adults we know who are displaced because it appears no one wants them and those who are in gun-wielding gangs in order to feel protected and loved, or because family members living under their same roof are requiring their affiliation with an incredibly violent gang.”
"Please pray! Suicides attempts have been increasing for those as young as eleven years old."
Currently, suicides on this Reservation are ELEVEN times the National average.
"Pray for your Apache spiritual siblings who have fallen prey to the evil one! We absolutely love watching as prayers are answered and these are once again welcomed into the Body of Christ! Pray for addictions to be broken, wounds healed, and hope to brighten the lives of each and every one.There are several residing in rehab facilities right now. Some of these facilities that are far from home are themselves dangerous. Please pray for the safety of those in rehab, and others considering going. Pray for them to persevere, conquer the addictions, and for their little ones waiting in hope for their return."
"Please pray urgently for those who are homeless, or living without electricity, or in sheds with no insulation, running water or electricity. Temperatures this winter will dip below freezing. Snow and flood-threatening rain are forcasted."
The need remains for 1,400-1,600 homes today!
"Pray for the construction projects of ARM; wisdom, safety, laborers and funding. As 2023 began, we are nearing completion on a large metal sanctuary for one Apache-led church, AND a second sanctuary for another Apache-led congregation! Lord willing, we'll also complete our 38th home.Already, this family is residing in a smaller version of their home as the need for shelter a few years ago was urgent. "
"Pray for the Lord to filter, and send Short-Term Ministry Teams so that the projects underway can be completed more quickly, and the people of San Carlos (And ARM) can be encouraged by these Short-Term Missionaries."
"Praise God for ARM’s strong reputation among Apache churches, Tribal agencies, etc. and the new relationships constantly beginning. Pray for wisdom as we serve Jesus Christ in so many ways."
Pray as opportunities arise for ARM representatives to advocate on behalf of the San Carlos Apache Nation.
"Please keep those who are currently in jail or prison in your prayers. Many times, children and teens choose actions that will mandate a jail sentence so that they have greater safety than at home! Pray for the LORD to speak to these inmates, and breathe value into them. Keep those who visit these facilities with the Gospel to reap a great harvest for Christ."
Pray for those on the staff of these facilities to have, and share the Hope of Christ with these inmates.

"Please keep the babies who are forming within the wombs of intoxicated/addicted mamas in prayer. Pray for these mothers, too. Please also pray for the toddlers, who may be traveling by stroller at night so their parents can find their next drug hit."
Pray for them to find value in Jesus’ love for them so their deep need for love can be fulfilled in healthy ways.​
"We're super-excited Our Church Bus is reaching over 120 children on a weekly basis in several Reservation neighborhoods. Led by two Apache women, we are asking for our prayers for them as well as the children. We have been experiencing a great deal of spiritual warfare; a clear sign that the evil one is threatened. Pray for the Bus' mechanical health, and for funding to hire additional Apache women to serve in this vital ministry."

"Please pray for those with significant needs: it is clear that those with the greatest needs are those who do not ask for help. Pray for the Lord to direct those with resources to those who need help the most."
Please pray against nepotism in various “aid” agencies, and for us to have wisdom regarding who to help…and how.
"Please keep ARM’s needs in prayer; we need more monthly supporters. The economy has forced some churches to decrease support and some elderly partners have gone home to be with the Lord. As you know, costs for construction, insurance, gasoline, etc. have increased. Pray for us to always use the resources God provides as He wills."
"Thank God! A former gang leader shared that gang affiliation is in fact decreasing! His view of why that is happening? The kids and teens that attend our Church Bus are seeing they can make a different and better choice! However, there are still children choosing to follow family members’ footsteps by becoming gang members, OR, forced to because they reside under the same roof.
Pray for Angel, Raymondo, Taagi, Aaron, Steven, Justin, Mardy, Charles, Tony, Israel, Anferne and others who need to disconnect from this hazardous lifestyle.