The unemployment rate on the San Carlos Apache Reservation exceeds 75%. Homelessness is prevalent. There are many reasons for these devastating statistics, including the fact that this Tribe’s land is STILL in the possession of the Federal Government.  Meeting physical needs opens doors to meet spiritual ones…BUT, the ways we go about this are led by prayer and incredibly intentional.

While reading the book “When Helping Hurts,” by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert, it reveals that simply “giving” strips others of their dignity.  These are our spiritual siblings.  Meeting their needs through Christ’s provisions must be done in Christ-honoring, and Apache-honoring ways. For specific needs today, download our current Needs List and Critical Care List or call our offices for the most up-to-date lists today.

On-going needs and annual projects

For many on this Reservation, the refrigerator empties before the month ends.  Please click on the link above for the critical needs (daily needs) of many.  We are blessed to build homes for the homeless, provide food and more on a regular basis, backpacks prior to the beginning of another school year, and Christmas stockings and fleece blankets in December.  ALL of this is possible, only because of the generosity of others. Our Needs List is updated quarterly (also on this page).  The Backpack Project and Christmas Project lists are found elsewhere on this website.

Clothing is typically only distributed when we hold special events.  However, what a great message of love it is, when we’re able to provide new clothing to a homeless family with no transportation who are the usual recipients of used items.  Baby clothing, diapers, etc. are needed year-round! 


How can you help?

  • Please click on the links above for the current Needs List and Critical Needs list.
  • We need gift cards to Walmart, Safeway, Fry’s or Bashas food stores so that they can get the supplies they need. (Or, we can shop for those without transportation and deliver it to them.)
  • Diapers (especially larger sizes), formula and diaper wipes are in constant need.
  • The appliance required during a particular season to create a more comfortable home is ALWAYS a need! This includes window air-conditioners in the summer time (May-October) and space heaters during the winter months (November-March.)
  • In the winter, the Tribe’s Wellness Center holds a “Share the Warmth” event.  We love to assist with this event by providing coats, pajamas, blankets and other winter items that are in great condition for those who will have difficulty staying warm during winter months that even hold a few “snow days.”