Who We Are:

Who Are We?

ARM is based upon just two principals; the first, is to “let GOD lead.” With HIM at the helm, adventures unfold often…and miraculously! The second principal is based upon Exodus chapter 17. In the story written there, Moses’ ARMs are raised as God instructed, and Isreal is winning the battle in the valley below against the Amelekites. Because Moses is human, his ARMs got tired. Aaron and Hur sat him on a rock, and helped hold up his ARMs so that Isreal might be victorious.

When Moses’ hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up – one on one side, one on the other – so that his hands remained steady till sunset.

Exodus 17:12


We provide God’s ARMs around the San Carlos Apache Reservation. Those ARMs provide the shoulder for someone to cry on. The hands to pray, provide food, clothing, build a new home or remodel a broken one, help a child learn to rollerblade, baptize them, sort school items, stuff backpacks and Christmas stockings, serve food and pray over Apache pastors and their wives, and much….much more.

So…what do we do? Provide our ARMs, as well as our hearts as God leads, to come alongside the San Carlos Apache Nation so that they will know of God’s great love for them, and add their ARMs to this process as well. We are keenly aware of the concept formulated so well in the book entitled, “When Helping Hurts.” All that we do must flow from God’s leading, restoring the dignity our Native brothers and sisters most certainly deserve.

Horizons article

In this edition of Horizon’s Magazine, we were blessed to participate as their featured mission.  

Please note the two articles; “A Tale of Two Mothers” reveals the significantly different lives of families where Jesus is Lord…and where the influences of alcohol, abuse and gang activity prevail.  Please pray for both families and the others like them on the San Carlos Apache Reservation who must daily strive for a spiritually, physically and emotionally healthy life against great odds.

The second article was written to motivate citizens of these United States to realize the history we have created, and God’s mandate to repair what has been broken.

We’d appreciate your comments!  Thanks for reading!

The ARM Team


Dale and Diana Lawrence


In August of 1991, the Lawrence’s moved their family of six to the mission field with (Jacque, 1981; Jon, 1983; Justin, 1989 and Jenna 1990). God has been holding and leading them for over 30 years as missionaries!  When the Lord provided a church building in Globe AZ, just off of the San Carlos Apache Reservation for just $1.00 (see the rest of our history elsewhere on this web site), Arizona Reservation Ministries was born.  Dale and Diana were blessed to be its founders.  Dale continues to serve as ARM’s Executive Director, overseeing the general operations, construction projects and financial accountability of this ministry.  His heart is burdened for the Pastors of the San Carlos Apache Nation and prays for opportunities to encourage them as God leads. Diana serves as ARM’s Development Director.  She also enjoys mentoring the younger women on the ARM Team.  Dale and Diana’s income has continued to be faith-based since 1991, revealing many miracles and provision from their Father.

The Carlyle Family

Christmas 2023-2


As Pros & Roxie’s home (our 35th) was built…just like the preceding 34, scripture is written on the wall frames, the trusses and more.  Pros and Roxie were the first to crawl beneath their framed home and write scripture on the piers that would support it.  Their lives dramatically changed, as did those of their five children, as this structure was created.  As encouraging and challenging words were shared by ARM’s team and this family’s pastor, their hearts were stirred to serve Christ with their lives.  On January 6, 2020, they joined the ARM team! The support of Prospero, Roxie, Audreanna (2008), Prospero, Jr. (2012), Odalys (2014), Brandy (2015) and Angel (2017) (as well as ARM’s other Native team members) must come from ARM’s General Fund. Pros, Roxie and their children have been instrumental in delivering hundreds of thousands of pounds of food, clothing and more to those in tremendous need through ARM, dramatically impacting the lives of many; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Pros is also a part of our Construction Crew.  He and Roxie are now also coaching boys’ and girls’ traveling basketball teams, mentoring them, and teaching them about Christ as well as basketball. Roxie is also part of the Church Bus Team, as its driver and one of the teachers. Their need for partners is great!  Please consider helping with their monthly expenses today. Simply contact us for more information.


Mike Hinton


Mike has been a friend of ARM for many years!  As 2019 began, his willingness to help in a variety of ways within this ministry prompted us to invite him to apply for a position on the ARM team.  Mike serves primarily on our numerous construction projects.  It has become clear that he is a hard-working servant, and a blessing to this ministry.  Whether working on our latest home or church building project, helping keep ARM’s own properties in order, designing artwork (we’ve discovered he’s a gifted artist!) or helping with our Family Fun Days and more, Mike is a great blessing to this ministry.  His support comes solely by ARM’s General Fund.  Please pray about becoming a partner specifically with Mike, and helping him provide his ARMs within this ministry! Simply contact us for more information.

The ARM Team

God has called this team to some VERY big tasks!  So big, that without His help, they would be impossible.  We are “family.”  If interested in joining this family, please feel free to contact us if interested in joining the ARM Team.

  • Prayer is imperative!
  • Our Application includes a Code of Ethical Conduct that we expect all to follow, as this is truly a ministry…not simply a job.

The Jon Lawrence Family


As December of 2012 ended, we were excited to interview and hire a couple that has been quite familiar with this ministry since its beginnings.  Jon and Linda Lawrence first traveled the 1+hour one-way trek from Mesa AZ to volunteer with our Church Bus before their wedding in 2004.   Since then, their family grew!  Four children have arrived:  Jasmine (2006), Andi (2008), Morgan (2010) and Edward (2011).  Relationships are deep between each of the Lawrences and those of the San Carlos Apache Nation.  Jon is a big help with office tasks, as well as serving as our Short-Term Ministry Coordinator. He and Linda are our Youth Ministers, temporarily unable to serve for health issues, but continue making a huge impact on those in tremendous need, having baptized many children and teens over the years.  Linda also serves as our cook for our visiting teams, and for the many special events, hosts prayer journeys of the Reservation, and tackles many of the tasks required for our special events. This family is also deeply dependent upon the Lord to provide partners to support them as they serve Him.  YOUR partnership would be a tremendous blessing and answer to prayer! Simply contact us for more information.

Stevens family

The Stevens Family


We are thrilled to introduce you to another wonderful family on the ARM Team! Vincent Stevens began assisting with ARM’s construction projects during the summer of 2018. At the first House Blessing he was asked to participate in, Vincent smiled large and shared that it is a blessing to be able to work at what he’s passionate about. Not only is Vincent a capable contractor, he is also a faithful pastor at one of the Reservation churches. His wife, Vermaleen, is also a great gift to this ministry! Her words of wisdom are shared from a quiet and faith-filled heart. Their daughter, Aurelia, adds energy and smiles of her own to benefit this ministry! Together, they have delivered hundreds of thousands of pounds of food, diapers, clothing and more, hosted Bible Studies & discipleship as well as sermons and more for their church. Vermaleen is the lead teacher on our Church Bus, as she already coordinates the Children’s Ministries within her home church on the Reservation.  We would love for you to partner with them in financial and prayer support! Just like the others, their minimal support is coming from ARM’s General Fund.  Having monthly supporters to supplement that income, pray for them and more would be an answer to prayer for us all.  Simply contact us for more information.

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